He is faithful when we are faithless

“For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and stream on the dry ground. I will pour my Spirit upon you offspring and my blessing on your descendants. They shall spring up among the grass like willows by flowing streams.” Isaiah 44:3-4

I have lived my life centered around the philosophy that nothing in this life is given. Hard work and dedication—that’s the way to make it. But, day by day I strive to achieve the very thing that pulls me away from the One who gave me life in the first place. My desire to be self-sufficient becomes a declaration that I don’t need God.

And this declaration often begins to seep into my faith. I start to believe that I’m saved because of my own doings. And slowly this self-righteousness turns to apathy, because after all, “I’m good.” I start to question why I ever needed God in the first place. This apathy turns to cynicism until I find myself so far removed from God that I dare to question, “God, where are You?”

In Isaiah 43, a depiction of Israel’s unfaithfulness is again described as they chase the desires of their own wicked hearts and persist in their own ways. They continue to find themselves in places of darkness and sorrow crying out this very same question, “God where are You?”

And time and time again, we see God’s faithful and unchanging response. He cries out His promises of redemption, of salvation, of new life overflowing. Prophecies of Jesus are proclaimed. God is faithful to save! How can this be?

That is the beautiful mystery and true meaning of God’s grace. It is given to us, and could never be earned. It is only through the sacrifice of Jesus that He clothes us in righteousness. I could never work hard enough to earn His grace. My own doings will never be enough. Only through His blood will I be given life once more.

Yes, God is faithful even when I am faithless. God is good. God is sufficient. Through Him, we are forgiven, we are renamed, we are loved.



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